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Advanced Listing Sample

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Brookfield Veterinary Hospital


$450.00 Creation Fee (includes 1st year listing fee) /$50.00 per year listing fee.
 Discount Special - $350.00 US Funds. Email your ad placement by December 31, 2009.  We will copy and paste your information and photo on your own page on our site.
               Discount Special does not apply to mailed ad placement.

Please email a photo of the front of your clinic to returnmypet@hotmail.com
Along with your completed information as follows below:

Clinic Name           ______________________________________________
Clinic Address      ______________________________________________
County           ______________________________________________
Phone Number     ______________________________________________
Hours of Operation     ______________________________________________
Holidays observed     ______________________________________________
After Hours contact information     __________________________________
Email address for notificating of posting information ______________________

Doctors and Staff     ______________________________________________
Description           ______________________________________________
and Specialties     ______________________________________________
Please list each     ______________________________________________
Individual           ______________________________________________
Separately          ______________________________________________

No payment is required until your information is posted on our site.  At the time of posting, we will email an invoice to you for payment.