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What to do if you lose your pet:
Don't waste any time, the faster you begin looking, the faster you may find them.

Search your pets favorite place.
Search the neighborhood.  Look under everything.  If your pet is frightened they will hide.  Knock on doors and let your neighbors know you have lost your pet.
Call the local vet in your neighborhood or the pet emergency clinic.       If your pet was hit by a car sometimes they are dropped off to get medical attention.  
Locate a Veterinarian - US and Canadian
Make up flyers with a photo (color is best) and place classified ads on websites and in newspapers.               Flyer sample
Visit the county shelter.  Make sure you take flyers with you.  These agencies will post your flyer.  Visit agencies and call their lost pet hotline DAILY.  These agencies may give a different description of your pet on their hotline.  Shelter/Rescue Groups
Check websites and newspaper for "found" pets.  

What to do when you find your pet.

Take down any flyers posted.
Call local vet, pet emergency clinic, animal shelters, humane society and other kennels to let them know to remove the flyer.
Remove any and all ads placed on websites.

Don't ever give up looking for your pet.
Amazing things happen on a daily basis.

        Stories - click on link to read this heart-warming story
Beware of money scams. Don't let your emotions override your common sense. . Some "finders" collect a fortune in rewards for lost pets they haven't found. A common one is a person calls you claiming to be a long-haul trucker. He says he picked up your pet and is out of state now. He heard about your ad, flyer, etc. and says he will return your pet if you will pay to ship it home. This person does not have your pet, he is only trying to take your money. Protect yourself. Never pay reward money or any shipping costs without viewing at least a clear photograph of the "found" pet.
Keeping your pet safe - Pet owners should make it as easy as possible for the person who finds their lost pet to be able to contact them (the pet owner) by having a Pet Identification tag with a valid phone number on the animals collar.

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Pet Health - The natural way to care for your pet
Pet Training Material - DVD and book format
Coping with the loss of your pet - great resource area for ideas


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